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Safeguarding Awareness Week 16th-21st November 2020

by Mrs Russell

On Monday 16th November we came to school in odd socks to show that we are all different but all unique. We watched a virtual assembly by Andy and the Odd Socks Band, which made us reflect more on the importance of Anti-bullying. We each completed a jigsaw piece to show how we can all play our part in being united against bullying. By putting the jigsaw together it showed how we should all be united and not divided. See photos.

On Tuesday 17th November we continued to learn more about staying safe online. We had a 'logo' quiz to see how many we recognised or used regularly and talked about which ones were age appropriate. Then we listened to a story called 'The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin'. This highlighted the importance of staying safe on the internet and it suggested ways we can have fun but also stay safe!
Smartie's message to us all was: Before you tap and click... You need to stop and think....And tell someone!
Then we ended the lesson by answering some true or false questions about internet safety to test our understanding.

On Wednesday 18th November we had a Road Safety lesson. The 4 main rules we need to remember are: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK. We were very good a spotting different hazards in a road safety picture and we gave sensible reasons for why they were dangerous.
I was very impressed to hear that the children went home and talked about the 'what3words' app and that some families have downloaded it - well done! If someone is in trouble the emergency services will be able to locate them more easily thanks to you!
Some children also shared a road safety book with their parents too.

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Friday, 27th November 2020