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In this section of the website you will find electronic copies of the leaflets and guides which are available in school to support Maths. These guides are discussed at curriculum meetings at the start of a new school year. You will also find information about Maths in your child's individual journal. Take a look at the photographs to see how Maths is displayed and taught throughout school. 

The Maths programme of study includes seven strands, they are: 

•Number and place value 




•Geometry – properties of shape 

•Geometry – position and direction 


The maths taught in school can be practical (e.g. measuring, weighing,) investigative/problem solving, written (as in number sentences) or oral (mental arithmetic). The ability to use mental arithmetic is very important and children will have fact fluency lessons and daily counting (on and back). Links to real life maths is made daily and children are encouraged to explain their reasoning and mathematical thinking through the use of stem sentences and discussion. We follow a 'Mastery' approach in Maths to ensure children acquire a deep understanding of the skills we teach and give children the best chance of mastering mathematical concepts as they move through school. 

To support our Mastery approach to Maths we often use resources from White Rose Maths.  More information and guidance can be found here: 

The overall aim is to aid children in fostering a positive attitude to maths. Parents are encouraged to help their children with number work e.g. shopping towards coin recognition, sharing sweets etc., baking to help with weighing, time etc. The list is endless and we are happy to offer support and advice.

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