Anston Park Infant School

Anston Park Infant School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Park Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S25 4BT

01909 550011

Governor Register of Interest

Name  Attendance at Full GB Attendance at Sub-Committees Appointment Date  Appointed By Governor Role Committee Member Governance at other schools Familial/Business Relationship to other Governors Business &
Pecuniary Interests
Laura Frogson 3/3 8/8 01.01.18 Co-opted
SFP, T&L No None None
Matthew Walker 1/3 1/3 01.01.18 Parent
SFP No None None
Graham Cockerham 3/3 6/6 01.01.18 Co-opted
SFP No None None
Amanda Tyler 3/3 10/10 01.01.18 Head Teacher
SFP, T&L, Pay No None None
Cathy Moutry 3/3 8/10 01.01.18 Parent
T&L, Pay No None None
Yvonne Bradley 3/3 6/6 01.01.18 Staff
T&L No None None
Jackie O'Neill 1/3 1/6 01.01.18 Co-opted
T&L No None None
Avril Wilson 3/3 8/10 01.01.18 Parent Vice Chair SFP, T&L No None None
Kathy Bell
01.01.18 Parent
T&L, Pay No None None
Julia Thompson
1/1 new
05.11.18 Parent
tba No None None
Natalie White