Anston Park Infant School

Anston Park Infant School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Park Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S25 2QZ

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Here at Anston Park Infant School we have a whole school behaviour system. Building positive behaviour, aspirations and motivation to learn has been proven to increase educational success. Here at Anston Park Infant school one of our aims is to have behaviour and discipline that is founded on respect, responsibility and good relationships. Our behaviour system is based on children being responsible for one’s own behaviour and encouraging social/cooperative behaviour.

We expect and encourage all children to have Kind Hands, Kind Feet and to say Kind Words.

Our system is based on positive praise, points and rewards.

  • Children who demonstrate the expected behaviours will receive adult praise, for example children listening to others, engaging in a task when asked and respecting others.
  • Children who demonstrate behaviour beyond the expected will be rewarded with a point, for example contributing to lessons, using their initiative and working hard with effort and perseverance.
  • Children who go that extra mile will be rewarded with special mentions. These are stickers collected from the office. Children will also have the opportunity to share their news and work in our weekly special mention assembly.

Children will collect points throughout the week and at the end of each half term will count up their total. At this time children are able to ‘spend’ their points or ‘save’. The school council purchase a selection of prizes for children to gain from their points. The children will then bring home a certificate showing how many points they have achieved each half term.

The full education of our children is a team effort. To ensure our children are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens your support is paramount. When your children come home talk about their points, praise them and encourage them to aim high! 

Each class has a warning board – if a child’s behaviour is inappropriate they will receive a warning and their name is written on the board.  If a child receives three warnings in one day, their name goes in the behaviour book and play time is missed. During the missed playtime the children are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and to think about good and bad choices.

This is monitored and, when necessary, the child is told that continued anti-social behaviour will result in parents being informed and invited into school to discuss the problem.  We are pleased to say that parents have always been very supportive of the school when this has proved necessary.

We take bullying seriously and children are encouraged to tell an adult, secure in the knowledge that it will be dealt with promptly and firmly.  Parents of children involved will be informed.  We are also pleased to say that the children in school are well behaved, reflecting the philosophy of a caring society fostered by its teachers and supported by its parents.

For further information, you can read our Behaviour & Relationships and Anti Bullying Policies on the school website.