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The importance of Exercise

Exercise keeps children fit, healthy and increases their strength and co-ordination.  Exercise is also good for children’s mental health too.   

Exercise can help to lift a child’s mood.  Physical activities release endorphins in the brain which means children feel happier and it can also help them sleep better too.

Exercise can help to build self-confidence and self-esteem as children will have areas of strength with particular sports/activities.

Playing team sports and joining exercise clubs helps children to learn social skills and make new friends.  Most sports include skills such as sharing and turn taking as well as co-operation and positive relationships.

Exercise can also help children to self-regulate and is a good way to get rid of feelings of anger/stress.  Running, swimming, cycling, playing football, dancing etc are all ways for children to burn off their unwanted feelings.

There are many clubs/teams in the local area that offer a range of sporting activities for children.